Sunny Suhaimi

To whom this concerns:

I am a Real Estate Investor who buys and sells properties. And I have dealt with many different Realtors in my time doing business… and I have never found anyone like William Pierce.

He is the BEST. And William knows how to take care of his clients. I am very grateful for the level of service he has provided to me. He takes care of every detail and understands about the customer’s return on investment. Knowing that he is there for me sets my mind at ease; because he knows the South Florida Market and I appreciate the knowledge and experience he has to offer. I have been very content with the property purchases I have made through him.

William has always been honest and dependable. I listen to his suggestions because I know he will not direct me in the wrong direction. And because of the relationship I have built with him, I take great joy and pleasure to recommend to you, William Pierce as your Real Estate Agent.


Sunny Suhaimi